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Press Release: Lamda DOMI S.A. nominated as preferred investor for the IBC

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund announced today that the international tender for the 90-year long development of the area and buildings of the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) has been successfully completed. Lamda DOMI SA was chosen as the preferred investor. Lamda DOMI is a fully owned subsidiary of Lamda Development SA – a leading real estate development, investment and m

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Press Release: Launch of tender process for the privatisation of OPAP

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A. (“HRADF”) announces the launch of an international public tender process for the sale of its 33% shareholding in the Hellenic Football Prognostics Organisation S.A.  For additional information, please refer to the press release, in the page's "Relevant Files" section

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Press Release: HRADF due to hold its second board meeting this month

Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) is due to hold its second board meeting this month, with a raft of new resolutions tabled, designed to further stimulate and accelerate the privatization process in Greece. For additional info, please refer to the Press Release, located in the page's "Relevant Files" section.

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Statement of the European Commission on Ms Bubenikova resignation from the Council of Experts of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

In August 2011, the Euro Area Member States and the European Commission designated 3 out of the 7 members appointed to the Council of Experts by the Board of Directors of the then-just-created Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. Among the candidates put forward by several Euro Area Member States, Ms Bubenikova had been selected based on her professional experience and expertise in the field

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Press Release: Board of Directors decision

The Board of Directors decided that, in the course of the current period, and until the formation of a government as a result of the forthcoming elections, it will not take any decisions which commit the Fund. The decision has been taken, despite the Chairman’s efforts to find a way for the Board to continue making decisions on the invitations to express interest. The observers to the Board of D

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