Integrated Development Plan of Hellinikon (in Greek)

Within the framework of the administrative procedure provided for the issuance of opinions and approvals on the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) related to the joint development of the real estate assets, which, as a whole, constitute the Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon-Agios Kosmas, in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of Greek Law 4062/2012 as amended and in force, the individual studies and reports of the IDP File, as submitted to the competent public services and authorities, are hereby published and uploaded for the knowledge of all interested parties.

The contents of the uploaded IDP File include the following:

-          Report that lays down and substantiates the basic choices of the Integrated Development Plan

-          Water streams delimitation Proposal – Delimitation Study – Technical Report accompanied by diagrams 

-          Topographic lay out accompanied by a coordinates’ volume

-         Development program per implementation phase, accompanied by time-schedules 

-          Geological Appropriateness Study, accompanied by three maps

-         Special Study – Substantiating Report for the allocation of high rise buildings in the Site Development

-          Special Report regarding Act No. 39216/1659/11.05.2017 of the Piraeus Forestry Director