Invitation to submit a proposal for an independent valuation of a property located in “Loutra” area, island of Kythnos, Greece

In the framework of an international highest bidder tender, as described in the dated April 2nd 2018 Request for Proposal (the "RfP"), for the exploitation of a plot of land of a total surface of 7,018 m2, in “Loutra” area of the Municipality of Kythnos, in the Prefecture of South Aegean (Greece), according to article 6.2 of law 3986/2011, as currently in force,  and according to HRADF’s procurement regulation (amended and codified by Decision 2/16128/0025 of the Minister of Finance, Government Gazette B/476/2014), HRADF invites experienced and specialized domestic and international valuers to submit a proposal for the independent valuation of the above property.

For more information refer to the attached document.